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About Us

About Us

International Film Festival Utah is an organization whose mission is to expand the cultural consumption options of children and young people through cinema. Therefore, through the seventh art, it concentrates its efforts on the creation and consolidation of inclusive spaces for education, recreation and participation of girls and boys in cultural and artistic life, and in turn contribute to these materials for a good use of free time.

Get in the Movie!


In this sense, the work of the entity consists of offering cultural goods and services to girls, boys and adolescents, through education in cinematography that implies the consumption of films, the teaching of the appreciation of cinema, the development of film and film cycles. forums, their participation in film clubs and the making of short films.

“Festivals are fun for kids, fun for parents.”


IFFU's year-round programs and initiatives are led and managed by dedicated people with a passion for film. From our Governing Board, made up of community leaders dedicated to advancing our mission, to our Youth Board, made up of enthusiastic young professionals interested in supporting our Educational Outreach Program, IFFU depends on the support of every member of our team.


IFFU is a year-round cultural and educational organization that is dedicated to fostering better communication between people of diverse cultures through the art of cinema and the moving image. We serve Utah's diverse and underserved citizenship by providing them access to world-class cinema. Our goal is to enrich Utah's cultural environment by presenting films in contexts that encourage discussion and debate.